Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Smiling Nathan

Here is our Nathan showing off his cute smile. He had his first smile at 5 weeks, but in this video of him at 7 weeks, you can see him get excited and smile.

This is a Classic

Little Free loves playing with the basketball hoop that Daddy gave him for Christmas. If you listen closely you can hear Freeman saying his new phrase, "Whoa Baby" and "Shoot" (for shoot the basketball). Then of course our favorite is after he shoots, watch closely!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Holidays

Here's Nathan! I was trying to get a picture of his cute little smile, but you know how kids are in front of cameras...

Here is a hyper Freeman after riding on his rocking horse that Great Grandma got him.

Little Freeman loves to ride on people's back to play horsie. Here is a picture of him trying to get Aunt Nadia to be a Horsie. And it worked. He even got Grandma Homenick to be a horsie!

Little Freeman enjoying a present from Grandma D.

We went to the Wildlife Zoo to see the Christmas Lights and we couldn't pass up a carousel ride for Little Free. We also got to go to the petting
zoo and feed the goats and deer. Tiff discovered a quirky new fear at the petting zoo... Bambi! We've been watching to many "Animals Gone Wild" or something but those deer made her squirm!

Grandma D with our little chunk! He is a growing boy! He will be turning 2 months in a week!

Here is little Freeman playing with Percy the Train on Dad's leg.