Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spying on Freeman

The other day it was a little stormy out, and this inflatable raft flew into our backyard. Well, this is Freeman's favorite thing to play with now. Over the past few months I have caught Freeman just sitting outside quietly looking around at his surroundings. He doesn't talk during this meditative time he just sits and looks around. So anyway, here he is in the inflatable raft enjoying a quiet afternoon.

(10 minutes later...)
I guess he had his new Diego sunglasses tucked away somewhere because he is now my stylish, quiet boy chillin out in the sun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Freeman!

This past weekend we celebrated Freeman's 3rd birthday! He was so excited to have a birthday party, and his requests were that he had balloons, cake, presents, and Diego tattoos. The kids made telescopes, made monkey noises, ran through an obstacle course to rescue an animal, and of course, swimming! We had a great time and Little Freeman enjoyed having all his guests come!
The kids making "Diego Telescopes" to help them find animals later.

Laurie and Gui

I found these three playing together away from the party.
Nathan, Pierce and Jackson

Nate enjoying the view of dad below

Little Freeman is a flirt!
Here he is cuddling with Camille and Ellah

Tohbi felt a little left out.
Here he is looking out from our bedroom at the party.

The Gould Family
Brian, Ellah, and Camille
(I think Camille was sad she didn't go swimming )

Laif and Freeman

Freeman, Nick and Kelly

Time to blow out the Candle!
Freeman wanted blue icing and he loved his Diego candle!

Here are all the kids checking out Freeman's new toys
(I've never seen presents unwrapped so fast!)