Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Videos

Below is some of our videos of the kids. Remember to put the music player on pause to hear the videos. (Music player is on the right hand side)

First off, if anyone knows my husband you know he has a thing for pranks. You always have to stay on your toes around him, because he will get you. Well, I'm glad my kids have a good sense of humor because there is no mercy no matter who you are!

This might be "funniest home video" worthy. This video is of a super sleepy Preston fighting sleep.

Freeman has been going to Flag Football this summer and here are some fun drills that he performed. Looks like we have another football player in the family!

Our precious Nathan loves to color, and somehow cannot control where. He is known for coloring on our walls and tables or himself. Here is a video of him cleaning up one of his messes. I thought this would be great to share in case anyone was missing his famous pouty face. Love him.