Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh a Camping We Will Go...

This past weekend we enjoyed a family campout up in Wenden, AZ at Alamo Lake. We camped with Freeman Sr., Uncle Nick, and Grandma Pauline. After not being to happy about our original assigned campsite by the State Park, the boys and Grandma went out searching for the perfect campsite. Our picture above is where we had our tent set up. We had a great view of the surrounding mountains, and we had a great time on the boat and driving around on the quads. The guys went on a ride around the Lake and Nick showed them an abandon town and also drove under a canopy of trees.

Grandma Pauline and the kids. They just loved cuddling with her.

Nick, Pauline and kids, and Freeman Sr. The wood that the guys gathered burned up really fast, so they found this log
that lasted awhile. I thought this was so funny
looking. It also looked pretty cool with the
smoke coming off the top.

Here is Freeman gathering wood.

We had a great time fishing. We showed Little Freeman the worms and how to hook them. Tiff caught 2 fish within 10 minutes of eachother! The other picture is of Little Freeman fishing and keeping an eye on the bobber. I think he felt really special being in charge of this fishing pole. He took it very seriously.

Big Freeman showing off the fish he reeled in. In this picture Freeman was holding the fish in
his hands and it jumped out. You can barely see
the tail on the bottom of the picture. I love this
picture of Freeman, he was laughing so hard

Tiff, Freeman, and Nate
Free and Freeman

Little Freeman showing off on the quad. He loves riding with dad.
The second picture is of Freeman after a quad ride with dad. They were riding behind mom in the truck and Freeman was holding up the glasses to keep dust out of his eyes. Well he fell asleep halfway through the ride so when we met up I took a picture of him (Still holding onto the glasses!) He was a little upset when we woke him up; I think because he realized he missed half of his quad ride and it was over

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Joys of Boys

I was in the next room packing for our camping trip and I hear Little Freeman yell out, "Mom, look at what Nate do!" So I take a deep breath and go see the results... Well, it wasn't just Nate causing trouble (Freeman is a little tattle tale) Nate had pulled out 1/2 a bag of new wipes that was all over the floor, plus I noticed the smell of diaper cream.... Freeman had wiped it all over his legs, forehead, and diaper, and was smeared on the floor and his bed. I guess it's all starting now... these special moments of having two boys.

P.S. Any advice on getting diaper cream out of the carpet?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama or McCain

Freeman and I have never been into politics until this year. We were doing our research and trying to figure out who we should vote for. We were leaning towards McCain, but liked some of the things Obama brought up, but we were still trying to do our research. We were undecided until the last Presidential debate. I had no clue how Obama felt on Abortion and that he is ProChoice. It made me sick to my stomach and confirmed who I need to vote for. I just have to share my two cents on ProChoice and then I'm done.

First of all... Regarding Pro Choice...
When a woman makes the choice to have sex she is choosing all risks and consequences
1. Possiblity on getting pregnant
2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
3. Being Used

So, she already made her choice, so if she recieves any of the consequences that was the CHOICE she made.
A woman once told me that if it wasn't for abortion, she would have had 13 children! She only had 2 children living, so that is 11 babies that she chose to kill. I was outraged!
I'm sorry, but women already make their choice, so if they get pregnant, they can bless others who can't have children by CHOOSING adoption!

P.S. Freeman was all for McCain as soon as he mentioned the Cardinals... Go CARDINALS!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

Every night, Daddy Freeman cranks up the music to our blog and we all dance around. The kids have 2 favorite songs. So here are our kids showing us their skills.
Here is Freeman dancing to Uncle Cracker's song.
There is a video below also.
Dancing around

"Tuck you in at Night..."
Intro to song...

Our kids love the song, "Clumsy," by Fergie. Here is Nathan showing us his moves.

This song is from Uncle Cracker, and Freeman calls it, "Freeman's song." He will sing some of the lyrics and he will point to you and say, "Tuck you in at night..." It's pretty funny. This video shows his performance. It's a little toned down... he was being a little shy in front of the camera.

Soccer Practice

Little Freeman has been going to Soccer for about a month. He gets so excited to go and just loves to kick the ball around. His favorite part of soccer is hanging out with dad!
Freeman running to kick his Soccer ball!

This is a game they were playing where they take turns trying to kick the ball through the kid's legs.

Freeman's friend Brooklyn is in the front. She is ready to go!

Freeman "Freezing" the ball.

Ward Campout

This past weekend our ward had a Campout out in Tonopah. We had set up our tent in our backyard to make sure we had everything we needed before we went. Little Freeman loved it and was so excited for our camping adventure. We arrived just before dark and put up our tent.

We sang songs, heard stories of the Pioneers, and played some fun games.
(Big Buddah was a blast!)

We turned in for the night and it was sooooo windy that our tent shook the whole night. Nathan woke up during the night and while he was laying next to me he started playing with the tent since it was moving so close to our faces. It was funny.
In the morning we had breakfast and there was a hayride for the kids that brought us near the mountain. The kids loved it, and it was a great family get away.

Here is Little Freeman trying to put away a camping chair. We had such a great view of Saddle Mountain from our spot!

"I'm Number One!!!"
Nate was already in his car seat, so he didn't quite make it for the family picture. :(
Tiff, Freeman, and Free

Taking down tent!

Dad and Son

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Box Time!!!

This is one of the kid's favorite things to do. I brought home this box from Costco, and Big Freeman has a talent to turn anything into a toy... so this is what Freeman and the kids do everyday. He pulls them all around the house.
Little Freeman is obsessed with "Wonder Pets," so last night, creative Dad acted out "Wonder Pets" and the box turned into the "FlyBoat!" So they would go around saving stuffed animals all around the house and bring it back to an elephant mommy. I thought it was pretty creative and Little Freeman looooooooved it.

A day in Scottsdale

We went over to Scottsdale to visit my Grandma and also to pick up our new car! My Grandma has been so wonderful to us and has blessed our little family with so much. She had a Honda Pilot that she wanted to get rid of, and a sister in need of a new car so we did a car swap and we are loving it. Our new Honda can seat up to 8 people, so when we have family come into town we can fit into one car! I also would always joke around with Freeman that we can't have another baby until we get a bigger car... boy did I jinx us! Just kidding!
I've already noticed a difference with mileage, and how easy it is to park, and also to get the kids out! I don't have to go on my tip toes to unbuckle the carseat! So nice for us short people!
Anyways, after we visited with my Grandma, we went over to the Railroad Park. Freeman is always amazed by the train and Nate liked it too. Here are some pictures from our trip out to Scottsdale.
Tiff and Nate riding the train.

Little Freeman is so excited to be on the train!

Nate's first time in a swing. He just loved looking around and swinging towards mom.

Hanging out at Great Grandma's House. Here is Pixie sharing her toys.

Dad and Freeman on the train.

Phoenix Children's Museum

A few weeks ago, one of my friends invited us to go to the Children's Phoenix Museum. We had a great time there, and little Freeman loved it! I think his favorite was the grocery store and pizza parlor! He is getting into the dramatic play, so this place was perfect! They even had a place for Nate to get out and crawl around.

Here is Freeman being a typical big brother.

Nate was having so much fun with this ball!

They had this little house that the kids could paint. Freeman really enjoyed this.

Freeman is really getting into playing pretend, and he loved the miniature grocery store at the museum. He was very serious and loved to pick out food.

Here is his buddy Keaton who was shopping too!

As in a previous post... Nate likes to turn anything into a binkie!