Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There is this game I play with Nathan that just makes him crack up. Well, the other day, Nathan was getting fussy and before I knew it, Freeman was over by Nathan immitating the game I play with Nate. Nate cheered up immediately and Freeman and him were having a blast. Ever since then this is Freeman's favorite thing to do with him. We just love it and think it's so neat that our boys are now starting to play together.


Last week, the U.S. Marshall's put on "Operation Justice," which the main goal was to track down and arrest those with warrant's of violent crimes. The U.S. Marshall's requested help from a few police officers in different departments throughout the city. Freeman's department asked him to represent Avondale and he happily took this assignment. Freeman's team consisted mostly of U.S. Marshall's, FBI, and some Police Officers and they worked in Avondale, Buckeye and parts of Phoenix finding these bad guys. The first day they were in Avondale, and since that's Freeman's city he had the extra knowledge to locate these people. He kind of took charge of the team and was complimented on his leadership by the men he worked with. And with the help of Freeman, they made a few extra arrests that weren't on their lists. "Operation Justice" was a success and I am so proud of my husband with all his hard work getting those bad guys off the streets.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Last Friday we went to go visit Aunt Nadia and Grandpa Homenick. We went over to the Railroad Park so the boys could have their first train ride at Great Grandpa's Park. Little Freeman was mesmerized by the train and didn't like the carousel all to much. Nate loved the train so much that it rocked him to sleep in Nadia's arms.

Freeman waiting excitedly for the next train ride. Freeman also likes to hold hands when we are outside and I don't know if he was a little intimidated by how busy the park was, but he would not let go of Aunt Nadia's finger.
Freeman admiring the train from the line.

Just Hanging Out

So, the boys rooms are on the other side of the house so I have to use a baby monitor to hear them during the night. Well, on this particular night I must have turned off the baby monitor in my sleep because after sleeping through the night I woke up and saw the monitor off. I rushed in to check on Nate and he was just hanging out. (Unfortunately I could tell he probably was upset sometime during the night because he is laying sideways in his crib) I then checked on Little Freeman and he was halfway off his bed. Whoops!

Little Freeman loves cuddling with dad and having him read. Nathan joined in on this one I thought they all looked so sweet reading together.

Our little budding artist!

Freeman has been drawing outside with chalk, but hasn't been interested in crayons or markers. Well, I caught him on our desk with a green marker coloring on any paper within reach. I put him in his high chair and gave him some markers. He kept drawing circles and said he was drawing a ball.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Swat Rifle Training

(Freeman is in the middle of the backrow)

Being newly added to the SWAT team, one of Freeman's new pieces of equipment consists of a rifle. He was required to attend a week long Rifle Training for his new weapon and qualified as "Expert." His next SWAT training is coming up and I'm hoping they will take pictures of the helicopter skid ride that is scheduled for them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Haircut!

So I hit the 4 month mark of not doing anything for my hair, so my wonderful husband came along with me and the kiddos so I could finally get my hair done. (It's about a 45 minute drive so that's why it's a family event....) Freeman's Aunt Donna did my hair, and like always, I love what she did to my hair!