Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hanging Out

Here is Freeman pretending he is "Grandpa John." He likes to put sunglasses on his shirt and say he is Grandpa.
So, I'm working on weaning Nate off his binky, and I think he was having binkie withdrawls and this is what I caught him with... A little rubber duckie as a new binkie! This is one of Little Freeman's favorite things to do. So, dad decided to put Nate in the wagon and ran around the house. Nate loved it!!! He was giggling non-stop.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

La Jolla Vacation

My grandmother rented a beach house in La Jolla for the summer and we were able to take a break from this Arizona heat and stay in Cali for a week and a half! We first met up with Freeman's mom Jolene, John, Nick and John's kids, Chris and Michael and had a blast. We went to the beach and bodyboarded and went snorkeling. The boys decided to go snorkeling one morning which I chickened out of... Why you ask? Well, because they heard of a great place where you can see some leopard SHARKS! If anyone knew me growing up, I have a great fear of sharks, and it took me a long time to not be afraid of lakes and swimming pools for the fear of hidden sharks in there... So the boys did their thing and saw some sharks, and fish and Nick even found some Dior Sunglasses that I got for a present. Thanks Nick!
Being in La Jolla, we were just down the street from the San Diego temple, so thanks to Nick again for babysitting at 6:30 in the morning we were able to go to a session at the temple. It was our first time in that temple and it was beautiful. The architecture was beautiful and I didn't know they had a Atrium on the top. It was so pretty and peaceful. Later that week we also took family pictures outside too.
We also went to Sea World and had so much fun! It was Freeman and the kids first time there and we loved it. Little Freeman is really into sharks, Shamu and Cookie Monster. (They have Sesame Street themes there) We learned a lot there and had a great time.
At the end of the week, our friends Megan and Kelly and their kids came out to visit with us. We had fun going to the beach, Science Museum, and hanging out. We saw some seals and went snorkeling too. (Hopefully no where near sharks...)
So now we are back at home and every morning Little Freeman asks if we can go to the beach. :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

La Jolla Vacation

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 5 Year Anniversary!!!!!!

Happy 5 year Anniversary Freeman! Can you believe that just five years ago, we became a family of two, and now we are a family of four? It's amazing how much we have grown and how strong we are. I remember 8 years ago, you took me to the Boise temple before I had to say my goodbyes to you before you went on your mission. That day you told me that if I wanted to, I could wait for you while on your mission. You left on your mission, and I wrote you almost every week... and you wrote almost every month... ;)

When you came home from your mission, I came out the next day... (Except the message didn't get to you that I was coming... so surprise! You had to come pick me up from the airport.) I remember you practically leaning out the car window you were so uncomfortable and nervous to be next to a girl alone. A month after you got home you moved down to Arizona, every weekend we would commute back and forth from Flagstaff to see each other. (Thank goodness gas was cheap back then...) After many, many, many months, you proposed, and we were married exactly 3 years after saying our goodbyes before your mission.

The day we were married, was the happiest day ever. It felt wonderful to know that we were living our lives the right way, and that we were going to be married in the temple. I wasn't just going to be married to you for "death do us part", I wanted to be married to you forever, for time and eternity. I wanted our future children to be sealed to us. I wanted to be happy and live wholesome lives.

So here we are 5 years later. I'm amazed how happy marriage can be and am truly happy and grateful that you are my husband, and how wonderful you are. I am amazed to see the blessings we have, just by being married in the temple and keeping our promises.

I love that you are my best friend, that we can be goofy and not care what the other one thinks, and just grow together. I love you Free. Happy Anniversary.