Saturday, May 30, 2009

Father Son Campout

Our Ward had their annual Father and Son Campout and it was the first time Dad Freeman and Freeman got to go. Little Freeman was excited the whole week and couldn't wait for sleeping in the tent and putting marshmallows in the fire. They went on a night hike to search for animals and Little Freeman was happy to report that they saw, "Deer Poop!" on their hikes. It was a muddy and rainy weekend, but that didn't stop my maucho boys, and they had a great time. I loved hearing their stories and that they had their "boy time." Little Freeman looks up to his dad sooooo much and I know that this trip made a great impression on him.

Little Freeman after roasting some marshmallows

Freeman holding a horny toad

Dad and Freeman were on a walk and Freeman suddenly crouched down and said to be quiet.

Freeman was so excited to finally use his new sleeping bag that Grandma Donna got for Christmas. He was so proud that he slept in it the whole night and "stayed on his side of the bed"

The Father's and Son's went on a long hike to look for animals. Daddy Freeman was so impressed that Freeman kept up. I guess it was a few miles.

Sitting on a fallen tree

Dad and Freeman enjoyed some 1 on 1 time with their own little hike in the woods.

Little Freeman (far right) and some friends at a Pioneer Village on the way home.

Making Bread with Mom

Our friend Megan made some very yummy homemade jam and of course we had to make some great homemade bread to go with it! This was the best activity to keep Little Freeman busy. He helped pour the ingredients that I measured out, and I gave him his own dough to knead. We had so much fun and of course made a mess. Little Freeman loves helping out in the kitchen and I truly think it's important to teach my kids (boys or girls) to cook/bake. Here are some fun pics of our time together.

Freeman showing me his floured hands

Here is my little baker. He thought it was so neat to wear an apron. (It helped a lot as you can tell)

This is after our long day. Tohbi has started to sleep with Little Freeman in his bed and I thought it was so sweet!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

La Jolla May 2009