Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Nate hanging out with Great Grandma. He was really enjoying her company.
First ride with mom! Tiff loved being back on the quad! Grandpa Freeman took us all on a little ride just down below Great Grandma's house in Wickenburg. We went underneath a canopy of trees and it was so beautiful. Wickenburg is the best place to go riding!Riding with Dad!
Grandpa Free and Freeman on their traditional Quad ride. Whenever Freeman sees pictures of quad's he signs, "Grandpa" because he remembers his last ride with him.
Freeman flirting with Great Grandma Pauline. They were quite the dancing couple.
Freeman riding the Train at the Wickenburg Community Park

Nathan and Dad

Freeman's first Easter Egg hunt. Aunt Donna was helping him find the eggs. I think Donna was more excited than Freeman on this egg hunt. :)
Freeman loved hanging out with her.
Aunt Donna and Freeman playing on the slide.

Grandpa Free and Freeman after the adventurous hunt for Easter Eggs.

Easter Weekend

Nate loves his Exersaucer!

Hanging out with Dad. This is at the Spring Fling in Avondale. He loved riding around with dad.
Nate at the end of the event. Getting a little sleepy!

Little Freeman ran up to Big Freeman to give him "knuckles".

The Freeman's make the Newspaper!

This past weekend The City of Avondale put on a Spring Fling promoting safety. Freeman and his partner helped teach bike safety to children. They had an obstacle course for the kids to ride and Big Freeman helped out Little Freeman ride through the course. That caught the eye of a photographer for the West Valley View newspaper and after taking the picture asked if he had permission to publish it. So here is the link for the Father-Son newspaper debut!


I guess the issue isn't available online anymore, but to see the picture follow the directions.

Click on Purchase Photos, then Just Added, then Avondale Spring Fling. Then click on the picture of Freeman and Freeman!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Little Chunk

Whenever I change Nathan or it's bathtime he just makes me smile. He is "Our Little Chunk," as we like to call him. I love pinching his cheeks and I call his arms, "Popeye Arms." I thought this picture was so sweet. He is working on sitting and he is in the "Tripod" position in this picture.


This is another post where I am needing some advice... For those of you who know me, I'm not much of a shopper. I have either had my mom, sister, or good friend Nikki help me out with my struggle to shop. Well, I'm almost back down to my goal weight and after clearing out my closet of outdated styles, I am on a mission to go shopping. But... I don't know where to start. Please leave some advice on good places to shop, some tips/strategies you might use to pick out clothes, etc. I'm serious, I am really bad at shopping and after looking at my old wardrobe, I need to be more up-to-date. Also should I look for ideas and bring pictures with me or do I just write down a list of what I'm looking for? Please leave comments! -Tiff