Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Face Behind the Mask...

Who is the real Spiderman? Many have questioned this, and few know. Are you ready to be one of those few? Here is a candid video of someone, claiming the true identity of...


(Remember to pause the music on the music player found on the right column.)

More Sightings of Spiderman...

Spiderman comes out of nowhere!

Nate's turn! He may be little but he sure if fiesty!

Just a casual day in the Carney household, and who do we find in the bed???

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Videos

Below is some of our videos of the kids. Remember to put the music player on pause to hear the videos. (Music player is on the right hand side)

First off, if anyone knows my husband you know he has a thing for pranks. You always have to stay on your toes around him, because he will get you. Well, I'm glad my kids have a good sense of humor because there is no mercy no matter who you are!

This might be "funniest home video" worthy. This video is of a super sleepy Preston fighting sleep.

Freeman has been going to Flag Football this summer and here are some fun drills that he performed. Looks like we have another football player in the family!

Our precious Nathan loves to color, and somehow cannot control where. He is known for coloring on our walls and tables or himself. Here is a video of him cleaning up one of his messes. I thought this would be great to share in case anyone was missing his famous pouty face. Love him.

Friday, April 23, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Leaping for Logan!

Last Saturday we walked for, Team Logan for the March of Babies. Our very good friends, Nikki & Seth, had lost their first child a few years ago, and every year organizes their family's team and we all walk in memory and in honor of Baby Logan.

Nate sliding down Spiderman's slide on the bouncy house

Waiting in line for the Spiderman bouncy house.

Aimee, Seth and Broox hanging out in the shade

The boys love to pick flowers for me

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pictures that make me smile

My youngest is almost 7 months old! It is flying by so fast. Anyways, Preston was known as our little fussy furball and cried so much, but now that he can move around he is now our happiest child! I love these pictures and you can see our happy Preston's true personality!

" Look at me mom, I'm trying to crawl!"

Chubby Cheeks and Rolls

This is the look he gives me before trying to lean forward and give me a big wet kiss. Well, he actually isn't trying to kiss me, but to eat me since to him I look like food...

Easter Weekend 2010

Easter Presents
So, when it comes to Holidays I'm not really a candy or toy person and I just get what my kids need. So, here is the look of quiet disappointment from Freeman when he got just shoes for presents. :)

Nate and Preston were thrilled about all the shoes!

Probably their favorite present, Watercolor paint! We ran out and these kids loooove to paint.

Preston enjoying all the shoes!

Wickenburg Easter Picnic

For the past 3 years we have been spending our Easter in Wickenburg with Grandma Pauline and the rest of the Carney family. Here are some pictures!

The cousins dancing to some great country music

Nate finding some Easter Eggs

I think we should look over there!
(No, Freeman isn't posing for a picture, he was serious about spotting some eggs!)

The kids hid their stash of lollipops in their shirt pockets.

Carney Family with the Easter Bunny
While we were talking to family, Freeman spotted the Easter Bunny across the park and told me he saw him. Not wanting to wait until the grown ups were done talking, Freeman took off and ran over to the Bunny himself. The funny thing was, was that another family was taking pictures and Freeman kept standing in for their picture. They kept moving him out of the way and he kept trying to get in their picture. I think he was a little confused...
Anyway, Nate is scared of the Easter Bunny, Preston was looking around trying to find the Easter Bunny and loved to just stare at him, and Freeman was on Cloud 9.

I don't even think we were out of Wickenburg yet and these kids were passed out. Nate is covered in sticky, lollipop drool and is such a mess!

Tired Mom...
Tired Dad...
Who's driving?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nate's Surprise

Over the last few weeks it has dawned on me that every child is different. My oldest loves to learn and is very cooperative. Nathan, my two year old cannot sit still when it's story time, he wanders around when I'm trying to teach him, and he just has an attitude. Well, when he is cooperative I come to realize he knows so much more than he shows. I think my expectations haven't been so high for him since he has struggled with speech and that he doesn't show interest in these educational opportunities. Oh, but I've been finding out that he does listen, and he is listening, just not in the same way my oldest does.

Today we were having learning time and I had Freeman working on something. Nate was begging me to show him flashcards and I was just thinking, this is way over his head. Of course with his attitude and determination I gave in. He laid them all out and on them there is a letter and picture that it goes along with. I would ask him to go pick up a card, ex: Mouse and he would bring it to me. For fun I asked him what the letter was and he said, M!!! It caught me off guard and we did another one. So I found out he knows a lot of the letters in the alphabet, and I had no clue. So, I am proud of my little man Nate and all that he has surprised me with.

This past week, Freeman and I have noticed a big difference in Nate's speech. He is putting sentences together and he has the sweetest little voice. I love to hear him talk and how he tries so hard to explain something or show us. Sometimes it's hard to understand him, and he now patiently tries to repeat his words or runs and shows us what he is trying to say. I love watching him progress, and love his surprises of what he really knows.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Start of Storing

So, we are all encouraged to have 72 hour kits, and a 3 month- 1 year supply of food storage. I have always started but, seemed to use up our "storage" right away. Well, thanks to a great friend (Amber) who organized a Family Home Evening Group dedicated to working on a 1 year supply of food, our family is motivated and educated each month on working towards that goal. So, these pictures may seem corny to some but my family and I are so excited for the start of our food storage and 72 hour emergency kits.
(I will try to add photos monthly)

top to bottom...
Canned Baked Beans and Ravioli (72 hour)
and 3 Day Water Supply
Backpack of First Aid & Survival Kits (Blankets, Flashlights, etc.)
Our hall closet dedicated to Emergency Supplies/Food Storage

Canned Items from the Cannery.
These items are sealed and can last up to 30 years (except drink mix which is 2+ years)
We are hoping to go monthly so this is our February's purchase
(Potato Pearls, White & Black Beans, Sugar, Fruit Drink Mix)

For one of our own Personal Family Home Evenings a few months ago, we pretended that we got a phone call from the Fire Department saying we only had 10 minutes to gather up our things and that we would be evacuated and gone from our home for 3 days. We rushed around our home gathering up anything that came to mind. Well, let's say we would have FAILED if it was a true emergency. One thing that I learned is to store everything in designated areas so you can have it ready to go instead of wandering all over the house. So, our hallway closet is our starting point and once that fills up we will expand to another focused area.

Valentines Day

The boys recieved some sharp looking outfits for Valentines Day from Grandma Donna, so here they are before going to church on Valentines Day.
Nathan looking so handsome in blue.
(2 years, 3 months)
Can I say, "PHOTOGENIC!!"
(3 years, 8 months)

Okay, here is my charming 3 year old.

Preston on his tummy

(5 months old)

Preston dressed up for church too!

One of Nate's classic faces he makes when I ask him to smile for the camera.
Oh, and let me point out that he picked out the outfit he is wearing! He is going through this stage where he has to have a say in what he gets to wear, or else it is a full on tantrum. Sundays are the hardest sometimes....

We asked the boys to stand closer together and this is what we got. Nate was done with pictures after this side hug from Freeman.

Who do you think you are? Ricky Bobby? Preston wasn't quite sure what to do with his hands...
Oh wait... riding a motorcycle? Bad to the bones..

Friday, January 29, 2010

Railroad Park Lights

This year we were able to make it to the Railroad Park's Christmas light display. It's been years since I've gone and was impressed with all the lights they had. Going to the park always brings back so many special memories of my Papa and all the times we spent at the park growing up. I'm so grateful that I can continue these wonderful memories with our own kids and they can have that special connection with Papa when riding his trains.
Waiting to ride the carosel

All aboard! The kids loooooved Christmas lights this year and they were so amazed to see the light displays from the train. The tunnel was my favorite, because coming out they had snow falling on you!

They had every character you can think of at the park. Big Freeman was calling down Elmo and Cookie monster to come take pictures with are boys since Nate loves Elmo. Well, Nate didn't love this Elmo and was scared out of his mind. And like I said before, there were these characters all over the park so he would hide right behind my legs even while walking around.

Another character we saw (pretty sure we saw) was Larry Fitzgerald from the Cardinals. We weren't sure if it was him so of course we had to walk by to get a closer look. Well, Freeman walks by all casually, and then there is me who when I walk by and he looks at me I have this huge crazy smile on my face and give him the "what's up nod." (I was excited because he's my favorite player)

So it was an enjoyable night for all of us and can't wait to go again next year!

Grandma Donna's visit

My mom flew out from St. Louis to see Preston for the first time
and to also celebrate Nate's 2nd birthday.
Here are some pictures from her visit.

Nate blowing out his 2 candles at Island's.
Grandma D and Freeman at the restaurant
Nate loves to look at books when he goes to bed and if you look closely he actually fell asleep reading... the book is on his face!

Freeman Jr. doesn't like it when dad leaves for work so this is one of his barricades that he put up. He was sitting in it and actually surprised Freeman when he was getting ready to leave. We think it's pretty funny, but Freeman Jr. is serious about it and get's upset when Dad gets by his wall/barricade.

Preston just hanging out.

Grandma and boys enjoyed the ride they just took at the Railroad Park

Phoenix Zoo

Grandma and the boys at the petting zoo.
I loved watching Nate being so careful and having to brush every goat in sight.

Zebras! It was feeding time and we had a nice view of them.

Ahhh... A sweet brotherly moment

Preston at 2 months
He started smiling this week and I was trying to catch it on film

Grandma Donna pushing Nate on the swings.

The kids loved playing with her at the playground. I truly wish I had a picture of my mom tumbling backwards off the teter totter and covered with wood chips. We had a good laugh about that moment. :)

Here we are hiking on a trail near Verrado. Yes, Freeman is carrying a sword. He brought it to protect us from Mountain Lions and bears. My mom pointed out some animal tracks, and after that, any indention in the ground had to be analyzed and assigned an animal. We didn't get very far on our hike.

Freeman Jr. wanted to not only pee off this rock, but wanted to pose and have me take goofy pictures.