Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nate's Surprise

Over the last few weeks it has dawned on me that every child is different. My oldest loves to learn and is very cooperative. Nathan, my two year old cannot sit still when it's story time, he wanders around when I'm trying to teach him, and he just has an attitude. Well, when he is cooperative I come to realize he knows so much more than he shows. I think my expectations haven't been so high for him since he has struggled with speech and that he doesn't show interest in these educational opportunities. Oh, but I've been finding out that he does listen, and he is listening, just not in the same way my oldest does.

Today we were having learning time and I had Freeman working on something. Nate was begging me to show him flashcards and I was just thinking, this is way over his head. Of course with his attitude and determination I gave in. He laid them all out and on them there is a letter and picture that it goes along with. I would ask him to go pick up a card, ex: Mouse and he would bring it to me. For fun I asked him what the letter was and he said, M!!! It caught me off guard and we did another one. So I found out he knows a lot of the letters in the alphabet, and I had no clue. So, I am proud of my little man Nate and all that he has surprised me with.

This past week, Freeman and I have noticed a big difference in Nate's speech. He is putting sentences together and he has the sweetest little voice. I love to hear him talk and how he tries so hard to explain something or show us. Sometimes it's hard to understand him, and he now patiently tries to repeat his words or runs and shows us what he is trying to say. I love watching him progress, and love his surprises of what he really knows.