Friday, April 23, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Leaping for Logan!

Last Saturday we walked for, Team Logan for the March of Babies. Our very good friends, Nikki & Seth, had lost their first child a few years ago, and every year organizes their family's team and we all walk in memory and in honor of Baby Logan.

Nate sliding down Spiderman's slide on the bouncy house

Waiting in line for the Spiderman bouncy house.

Aimee, Seth and Broox hanging out in the shade

The boys love to pick flowers for me

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pictures that make me smile

My youngest is almost 7 months old! It is flying by so fast. Anyways, Preston was known as our little fussy furball and cried so much, but now that he can move around he is now our happiest child! I love these pictures and you can see our happy Preston's true personality!

" Look at me mom, I'm trying to crawl!"

Chubby Cheeks and Rolls

This is the look he gives me before trying to lean forward and give me a big wet kiss. Well, he actually isn't trying to kiss me, but to eat me since to him I look like food...

Easter Weekend 2010

Easter Presents
So, when it comes to Holidays I'm not really a candy or toy person and I just get what my kids need. So, here is the look of quiet disappointment from Freeman when he got just shoes for presents. :)

Nate and Preston were thrilled about all the shoes!

Probably their favorite present, Watercolor paint! We ran out and these kids loooove to paint.

Preston enjoying all the shoes!

Wickenburg Easter Picnic

For the past 3 years we have been spending our Easter in Wickenburg with Grandma Pauline and the rest of the Carney family. Here are some pictures!

The cousins dancing to some great country music

Nate finding some Easter Eggs

I think we should look over there!
(No, Freeman isn't posing for a picture, he was serious about spotting some eggs!)

The kids hid their stash of lollipops in their shirt pockets.

Carney Family with the Easter Bunny
While we were talking to family, Freeman spotted the Easter Bunny across the park and told me he saw him. Not wanting to wait until the grown ups were done talking, Freeman took off and ran over to the Bunny himself. The funny thing was, was that another family was taking pictures and Freeman kept standing in for their picture. They kept moving him out of the way and he kept trying to get in their picture. I think he was a little confused...
Anyway, Nate is scared of the Easter Bunny, Preston was looking around trying to find the Easter Bunny and loved to just stare at him, and Freeman was on Cloud 9.

I don't even think we were out of Wickenburg yet and these kids were passed out. Nate is covered in sticky, lollipop drool and is such a mess!

Tired Mom...
Tired Dad...
Who's driving?