Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Sad Blogging Mom :(

I decided to figure out how to make our blog look more interesting and accomplished that, but still not knowing what I am doing, when I saved my original template it didn't work so I am devasted that I lost what I've been journaling about my kids. I was going to take the time to copy down everything I have been writing and add it into their journals, but I am a procrastinator and put it off. I now regret not following my instinct to write in a journal first and then put it on the computer. So, my advice to my fellow bloggers...
"Write down what you think is important before you try to mess with it on the computer."-tiff


So.... my roots were grown out so bad, and it was going to be another 3 weeks until I had time to go into town to get my hair done... I just had to do something to my hair. Well, the FIRST time I colored my hair it was a light brown, but by the end of the day... Hmmm... My hair was looking a little red. So afraid to go lighter and the fear of making it orange, I decided to go with a natural brown to rid of the red... So my hair turned out reallllllllllly dark. The top still has golden tones in it, but then towards the ends it gets really dark. This is the only flattering pictures... the rest I look goth. Well, check out the blog in another 3-4 weeks and I'm sure I'll have a different haircolor.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


We recieved some recent pictures of when Freeman went through 2 different trainings for SWAT. He learned how to mount on a helicopter and taking a ride on the skid, plus getting on/off when it is hovering off the ground, some repelling, and for another training they were able to practice building searches and negotiations. All this training is soooo Freeman and he has so much fun.
Freeman (on left) after getting checked in before Practice Scenario.
I think this is when they come up to the door to throw in the phone for Negotiation.
Freeman (on left) behind The Shield. They are going in to do a building search.
Freeman getting off helicopter

Repel practice

Getting off helicopter.

Freeman and Reggie getting ready to ride on the helicopter.

SWAT Team Photo

Ready for Take Off?

There they go!

And they're off!

During this drill, the helicopter will hover above the ground and they all have to dismount at the same time. (The chopper gets a little closer to the ground...)

This is another team photo after another training they did.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


We love you so much! You are the best Dad ever! I love how when you wake up, the first thing you want to do is hang out with us and play. I love it when you read to our kids, play hide and seek, pretend you are a horsey, draw chalk outlines of Freeman on the patio, say prayers and that you taught Freeman to say please and thank you. I love how Nate's face lights up when he hears your voice or see you come into the room and that he can't wait to be big enough to wrestle and play with you. We love it how you make everything fun and make us laugh. We think you are awesome and such a great example to all of us. Thank you for being the best Dad and best Husband.


Tiff, Freeman V, Nate, & Tohbi

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Freeman!

Birthday Present

Freeman's Birthday Present is hiding in his bed!

Discovering the hidden present...
Tearing the wrapping paper off so quickly...
Playing with the.. GARBAGE TRUCK!!!

Freeman loves watching the garbage come and get our trash. He also has a book about a Garbage Truck that he seems to have memorized. So what better than a garbage truck for his birthday. Freeman loves this truck and will recite quotes from his book while playing with it. ("Eat the trash," "Beep Beep Beep Hey! Beep Beep Out of my Way!" "Roar," "Burp!")

3 weeks ago...

Freeman's partner, Kelly, had been recovering from a broken finger so they weren't able to be on bikes for a few months. On Kelly's first day back, they were happily reunited as the "Bike Squad." Well... a few hours into this glorious reunion, a bad guy came along... It was "chase" time! Freeman and Kelly were on pursuit and Freeman was jumping over walls to get this guy! The last wall he came to... there were empty garbage cans on the other side that couldn't hold Freeman's weight... so he braced himself as he fell, and.... dislocated his elbow and fractured it. (Kelly, got the bad guy and while arresting him, happily didn't mind that the suspects face was getting pushed into a muddy puddle... Thanks Kel!)
So sadly, the Bike Squad is on hold again.

And of course, Freeman has the habit of not letting me know anything, so I get a phone call hours after this happens saying, "I dislocated my elbow, I'm coming home." When he shows up he has is Sergent with him, and he is in a sling, with his shirt off with monitors still sticking to him! My poor Freeman. Then a few days after getting a cast all up his left arm, Freeman was having some cases of claustraphobia ( or just feeling restricted with his cast) and wanted his cast off, so I found him trying to saw it off himself! Luckily the doctor fixed that for him. Ha Ha.

Freeman had surgery a week ago, and the doctor found that not only did he fracture it in about 4-5 different places, he pretty much smushed the radial head so that was replaced with a new one. He is recovering well and can't wait to get his splint off.