Monday, August 27, 2012

Imaginary Ants

Looks like my littlest one takes after his sleep walking mom.  So... I sleepwalk when I have a nightmare with Spiders.  I dream that there are spiders coming down from the ceilings, that they are in the bed, or dangling in front of my face.  I scream, yell, walk around the house and find Freeman and explain that there are spiders coming after me. I then wake up and realize what is going on, and it's, well, awkward and embarrasing.  So enough of my story and unto my 2 year old. 

Preston was sick with a fever and in mommy mode I wanted him close to me through the night so I had him sleep in my bed.  I was woken up by Preston screaming, "Ants! There are ants on me!"  It must of been quite a scene because with out glasses/contacts I am probably legally blind, so I am screaming and trying to see where these ants are.  After turning on the lights and putting on my glasses, I don't see any ants.  Preston lunges at me and says there's ants on him and the bed.  He is pretty much hallucinating these ants because he is actually pointing to his arms and shirt screaming, "See, right there! Ant right there!"  So this happens off and on the whole night.  At one point his eyes and face are splotchy from crying and I tell him, "Preston! Your face is all red!" and he tells me matter of factly, "I told you mom, there are ants!" 

What a night... I feel bad for my husband and that it looks like he has a few bug-frightened wierdos to deal with. ;)