Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nathan and Family

Grandma Jolene
Dad and Nathan
Tiff, Freeman, Nathan, Grandpa Peter & Aunt Nadia
Nathan sleeping away
Uncle Nick and Nathan


Gates & Tausha said...

TIFFANY!!! Geez everytime I think of calling you to hear how it went it's THIS time of night...I'll try to remember in the DAY tomorrow...CONGRATS!! He's beautiful!!! I'm SO excited for you guys! Your little family is growing! :) Much love!

gergandnique said...

Hey you guys! This is actually Jeanne. I am "borrowing" monique's thing, she's actually right here. They are visiting this weekend. Anyway, I was trying to view your website, and I thought I had signed up, but I guess not. Will you please re-invite me? Pretty please? I'll give you more x-box time with Jake! Here is my email Also I love all of your pictures. Little Freeman and Nathan are adorable! Miss you guys.