Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Hanging Out

So, the boys rooms are on the other side of the house so I have to use a baby monitor to hear them during the night. Well, on this particular night I must have turned off the baby monitor in my sleep because after sleeping through the night I woke up and saw the monitor off. I rushed in to check on Nate and he was just hanging out. (Unfortunately I could tell he probably was upset sometime during the night because he is laying sideways in his crib) I then checked on Little Freeman and he was halfway off his bed. Whoops!

Little Freeman loves cuddling with dad and having him read. Nathan joined in on this one I thought they all looked so sweet reading together.

Our little budding artist!

Freeman has been drawing outside with chalk, but hasn't been interested in crayons or markers. Well, I caught him on our desk with a green marker coloring on any paper within reach. I put him in his high chair and gave him some markers. He kept drawing circles and said he was drawing a ball.


Gates & Tausha said...

thats the best ball i've EVER SEEN!!! and MAN that's the best picture of the 3 boys!!!

Jolene said...

What a good Dad..I love this picture, it's all my guys hanging out. Freeman You look so tired, why don't you let Lil Freeman read to you. Lovies Mom