Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of Soccer

Freeman and Dad practicing their kicks.


The coach was running around as a "Monster" trying to get the kids ball so the kids had to kick the ball away from her. Freeman was doing a good job kicking, but then stopped as soon as she came up to him... he got away though!

When the coach is giving directions the kids are supposed to sit down on their ball. Here is Freeman listening intensely to Coach D.
FREEZE! Here is another move the kids do. When the coach says FREEZE, then they stop what they are doing and put their foot on the ball. Freeman is showing me what he learned.

The kids had to run down the cones, kicking the ball. Here is Freeman doing a great job kicking. I think he inherited Grandpa Pete's soccer talent.

In this drill, the kids had to try to kick the ball and knock down their cone.

Here is Freeman's friend Brooklyn, doing a few stretches.