Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making Bread with Mom

Our friend Megan made some very yummy homemade jam and of course we had to make some great homemade bread to go with it! This was the best activity to keep Little Freeman busy. He helped pour the ingredients that I measured out, and I gave him his own dough to knead. We had so much fun and of course made a mess. Little Freeman loves helping out in the kitchen and I truly think it's important to teach my kids (boys or girls) to cook/bake. Here are some fun pics of our time together.

Freeman showing me his floured hands

Here is my little baker. He thought it was so neat to wear an apron. (It helped a lot as you can tell)

This is after our long day. Tohbi has started to sleep with Little Freeman in his bed and I thought it was so sweet!


Kelly and Megan said...

Well I am glad you made yummy bread to go with my yummy jam! That is definetly the best combo! Love the picture of Tohbi and Freeman sleeping!

Jolene said...

I love this picture. I love bread too!