Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Start of Storing

So, we are all encouraged to have 72 hour kits, and a 3 month- 1 year supply of food storage. I have always started but, seemed to use up our "storage" right away. Well, thanks to a great friend (Amber) who organized a Family Home Evening Group dedicated to working on a 1 year supply of food, our family is motivated and educated each month on working towards that goal. So, these pictures may seem corny to some but my family and I are so excited for the start of our food storage and 72 hour emergency kits.
(I will try to add photos monthly)

top to bottom...
Canned Baked Beans and Ravioli (72 hour)
and 3 Day Water Supply
Backpack of First Aid & Survival Kits (Blankets, Flashlights, etc.)
Our hall closet dedicated to Emergency Supplies/Food Storage

Canned Items from the Cannery.
These items are sealed and can last up to 30 years (except drink mix which is 2+ years)
We are hoping to go monthly so this is our February's purchase
(Potato Pearls, White & Black Beans, Sugar, Fruit Drink Mix)

For one of our own Personal Family Home Evenings a few months ago, we pretended that we got a phone call from the Fire Department saying we only had 10 minutes to gather up our things and that we would be evacuated and gone from our home for 3 days. We rushed around our home gathering up anything that came to mind. Well, let's say we would have FAILED if it was a true emergency. One thing that I learned is to store everything in designated areas so you can have it ready to go instead of wandering all over the house. So, our hallway closet is our starting point and once that fills up we will expand to another focused area.


Jon, Amber, Caleb, and Skyler said...

That's great Tiffany! Ours is going under our stairs...should be fun!

Jami Lyn said...

Good for you guys. We need to follow your example.