Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Saver

Seriously, Kindergarten where have you been all my "mom" life!? Today is Day 2 of my oldest's first week of school and it has been great for everyone in the family. It has solved his problem of being bored, wanting to be social, and to gain independence. His brothers are getting the attention that they need from me, and I now feel like I can balance the time now between 3 attention hungry boys. It has also given me more structure to my day, and the time to get all my work done with chores, yardwork, running, and more focus on our investments and getting our house sold. Oh, and showering and getting dressed before anyone else wakes up! It's nice having a calm mind and not having everything racing through it of what all you need to do. So, there are my 2 cents on the enjoyment of kindergarten.

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