Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Nate hanging out with Great Grandma. He was really enjoying her company.
First ride with mom! Tiff loved being back on the quad! Grandpa Freeman took us all on a little ride just down below Great Grandma's house in Wickenburg. We went underneath a canopy of trees and it was so beautiful. Wickenburg is the best place to go riding!Riding with Dad!
Grandpa Free and Freeman on their traditional Quad ride. Whenever Freeman sees pictures of quad's he signs, "Grandpa" because he remembers his last ride with him.
Freeman flirting with Great Grandma Pauline. They were quite the dancing couple.
Freeman riding the Train at the Wickenburg Community Park

Nathan and Dad

Freeman's first Easter Egg hunt. Aunt Donna was helping him find the eggs. I think Donna was more excited than Freeman on this egg hunt. :)
Freeman loved hanging out with her.
Aunt Donna and Freeman playing on the slide.

Grandpa Free and Freeman after the adventurous hunt for Easter Eggs.


Jaime said...

Hey Carney's, this is your cousin Jaime. Your mom sent my mom your blog. Anyway. it was great to see your blog and get an update on your beautiful family. Isn't having two little boys the greatest thing in the world. So Cute!!!

Gates & Tausha said...

So fun!!! never been quadding there...sounds great! freeman is always so CHILL and cute! and nathan...man he's growing already. nuts. :) great to see you in real life the other day!!! :)

camillian said...

It looks like you had an eventful weekend! Okay Freeman told me you thought you were pregnant again, you 2 are so funny! Can you give us one of your babies?! j/k