Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 weeks ago...

Freeman's partner, Kelly, had been recovering from a broken finger so they weren't able to be on bikes for a few months. On Kelly's first day back, they were happily reunited as the "Bike Squad." Well... a few hours into this glorious reunion, a bad guy came along... It was "chase" time! Freeman and Kelly were on pursuit and Freeman was jumping over walls to get this guy! The last wall he came to... there were empty garbage cans on the other side that couldn't hold Freeman's weight... so he braced himself as he fell, and.... dislocated his elbow and fractured it. (Kelly, got the bad guy and while arresting him, happily didn't mind that the suspects face was getting pushed into a muddy puddle... Thanks Kel!)
So sadly, the Bike Squad is on hold again.

And of course, Freeman has the habit of not letting me know anything, so I get a phone call hours after this happens saying, "I dislocated my elbow, I'm coming home." When he shows up he has is Sergent with him, and he is in a sling, with his shirt off with monitors still sticking to him! My poor Freeman. Then a few days after getting a cast all up his left arm, Freeman was having some cases of claustraphobia ( or just feeling restricted with his cast) and wanted his cast off, so I found him trying to saw it off himself! Luckily the doctor fixed that for him. Ha Ha.

Freeman had surgery a week ago, and the doctor found that not only did he fracture it in about 4-5 different places, he pretty much smushed the radial head so that was replaced with a new one. He is recovering well and can't wait to get his splint off.

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Gates & Tausha said...

best blessings healing!! that's so tough!!! SO happy the stinkin suspect got caught though. :) no more claustrophobia episodes k? :) haha