Saturday, June 21, 2008


We recieved some recent pictures of when Freeman went through 2 different trainings for SWAT. He learned how to mount on a helicopter and taking a ride on the skid, plus getting on/off when it is hovering off the ground, some repelling, and for another training they were able to practice building searches and negotiations. All this training is soooo Freeman and he has so much fun.
Freeman (on left) after getting checked in before Practice Scenario.
I think this is when they come up to the door to throw in the phone for Negotiation.
Freeman (on left) behind The Shield. They are going in to do a building search.
Freeman getting off helicopter

Repel practice

Getting off helicopter.

Freeman and Reggie getting ready to ride on the helicopter.

SWAT Team Photo

Ready for Take Off?

There they go!

And they're off!

During this drill, the helicopter will hover above the ground and they all have to dismount at the same time. (The chopper gets a little closer to the ground...)

This is another team photo after another training they did.


Gates & Tausha said...

AWE-SOME!! that is SUPER cool...go freeman!!! save the planet!!

Anonymous said...

Bud, those pics were awesome. Some people go all though life, not having the opportunity doing the things you have done, your a lucky guy. I hope your job takes you to all kinds of neat opportunities, just get well first.

Your the best !

Lovies Mom