Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Green Thumb... Sort of

This past summer the leaders in our Stake for church encouraged us to start a garden. I was so excited about this new project and the idea of growing our own food. So I did my research and even recieved some advice from some pretty good gardeners. Well, the first try I made two rows of soil hills to put the seeds in. (I remember my grandmothers garden looking like that) Well, after watering it, the hills eroded and I decided to replant the seeds with out hills. Still no luck. I gave up and decided to try again around Spring. Well, we had a good rain and after a week, Freeman told me to go look at my garden. I thought he was teasing me so I never did. Another week went by and while we were outside Freeman said, have you looked at your garden, some stuff is growing! So I went to go look and my plants are growing. So all it needed was some neglect, a good rainfall and some more neglect and it worked. So now I've been watching it grow and I am so excited. Hopefully I'll know when it's time to pick them too. Here are some pictures of my little garden!

The Carney Garden

small but growing!

I know hard to see, here are some shots that are zoomed in

The start of some brocolli growing!

The little bunches are going to be Romaine Lettuce and then above them are some onion.

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gergandnique said...

I have always wanted to have a garden but I think I would kill it before it could grow... I definitely do not have a green thumb!