Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day In Flagstaff... A month ago...

About a month ago our friends Ronnie and Richard and us decided to be spontaneous and go to Flagstaff for the day. We had a very adventurous trip up. We hit traffic on the I-10 and I-17, stopped for the kids to eat, then got off on an exit where we went down this one lane plowed road, where someone's car broke down, so to get out we had to go in reverse for 1/2 mile until we can turn around. But we went to the county fairgrounds and everyone was leaving so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The boys came up with a great idea which was to tie the sled to the quad and be dragged around. (first I thought, "I don't think so... but then it was totally fun) So here is pictures from our fun day in the snow!
Here is Freeman who tried to fight his way through the snow.
The snow won.
Free and Freeman enjoying the quad. Little Freeman always has so much fun with Dad.

Freeman, Free, Tiff and Nate.

I was trying to get a picture of Freeman next to this snowman, but the snow was deep and Freeman sunk down into the snow. At first he thought it was funny, but then when he tried to get out and his hands got sooooo cold. This was the start of his first tantrum. I think after this he doesn't like touching snow.

And of course there is Nate. The first time I put him down he fell (think Christmas Story movie) so after that he just wanted to be held. So for this picture he was pretty upset that I had put him down.

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Kelly and Megan said...

Cute pictures! I am glad you got some to document Freeman's mustache days!