Friday, July 4, 2008

My First Tag!

3 Joys
1. Having the gospel in my life and being happy
2. My 3 boys (Free, Freeman, and Nate!)
3. Having air conditioning

3 Fears
1. That my husband will get hurt at work.. Oh wait.. that happened..
2. Dolls scare me... funny thing once, my sister and I stayed at her friends house in Massachuetts, and the room I had to stay in... Filled with dolls on the dresser facing the bed.
3. Something happening to my children. They are my world.

3 Goals
1. I bumped up my goal from 1/2 marathon to full marathon. (Jan 31st anyone?)
2. Having a big family! I love my kids so much and it's so exciting to wonder who else is going to be in our family. I always picture Free and I as Grandparents and having all our Grandkids running around and spending time together.
3. Eventually I would love to participate in a Sprint Triathalon. But, I need a bike and be a better swimmer. (Yeah, I thought I was going to drown once at Lake Bartlett from swimming after our beachball... I had to just let it go :(

3 Current Obsessions
1. Working Out... has always been an obsession... Thanks to you Jane Fonda!
2. Of course, Blogging and letting my family know what's going on.
3. Trying to keep a clean house.

3 Random/Surprising Facts about Me
1. I had a short finger, but thanks to surgery it looks somewhat normal.
2. I think my husband is the only one who has seen my true, hyper crazy self... well besides my mom and sister
3. Even though shopping has never been my favorite thing to do, I discovered that I really like to shop for my husband and kids.

I tag, whoever reads my blog.

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Gates & Tausha said...

u r so fun...i love it all...the summer pics...the tag...SO FUN!