Friday, July 4, 2008

The Shakes

So, I filmed Nate and the "Ball Popper" because of Nate's reaction. This video only gives you glimpses of what happened earlier... When I first turned on the Ball Popper, Nate started to Shake and I thought he was having a seizure. As soon as the ball popper turned off, I realized he was just so excited and that is why he was shaking. So if you look closely, occasionally he starts to shake. But just imagine that for 20 seconds straight. Scary at first, but then it was really funny.

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jolene said...

That's so cute. But I don't think he was having seizure's, I think his is dancing. Have you ever seen his grandpa Freeman dance? I rest my case. Nate Dawg looks alot like you Tiff, he's a doll. Happy birthday Tiff, I hope you have a wonderful day.....