Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh a Camping We Will Go...

This past weekend we enjoyed a family campout up in Wenden, AZ at Alamo Lake. We camped with Freeman Sr., Uncle Nick, and Grandma Pauline. After not being to happy about our original assigned campsite by the State Park, the boys and Grandma went out searching for the perfect campsite. Our picture above is where we had our tent set up. We had a great view of the surrounding mountains, and we had a great time on the boat and driving around on the quads. The guys went on a ride around the Lake and Nick showed them an abandon town and also drove under a canopy of trees.

Grandma Pauline and the kids. They just loved cuddling with her.

Nick, Pauline and kids, and Freeman Sr. The wood that the guys gathered burned up really fast, so they found this log
that lasted awhile. I thought this was so funny
looking. It also looked pretty cool with the
smoke coming off the top.

Here is Freeman gathering wood.

We had a great time fishing. We showed Little Freeman the worms and how to hook them. Tiff caught 2 fish within 10 minutes of eachother! The other picture is of Little Freeman fishing and keeping an eye on the bobber. I think he felt really special being in charge of this fishing pole. He took it very seriously.

Big Freeman showing off the fish he reeled in. In this picture Freeman was holding the fish in
his hands and it jumped out. You can barely see
the tail on the bottom of the picture. I love this
picture of Freeman, he was laughing so hard

Tiff, Freeman, and Nate
Free and Freeman

Little Freeman showing off on the quad. He loves riding with dad.
The second picture is of Freeman after a quad ride with dad. They were riding behind mom in the truck and Freeman was holding up the glasses to keep dust out of his eyes. Well he fell asleep halfway through the ride so when we met up I took a picture of him (Still holding onto the glasses!) He was a little upset when we woke him up; I think because he realized he missed half of his quad ride and it was over


brianne said...

That looks like a blast! I love taking little kids on quads, they always put them right to sleep :)

Gates & Tausha said...

oh a camping we will go, a camping we will go!! (ok i cant stop i really tried) hi-ho the merry o a camping we will go! ok i LOVE the pictures of the freemans fishing...little freeman and his pole, and big freeman laughing! so fun!

The Cutest Allens Ever! said...

Hi! Its been too long! So how are things? We just started bloging, and I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm excited to keep in touch with you now! We have been thinking of you guy. :) Anyway, your family is so Cute! You look great! Aren't boys the best? Now I totally want to go camping! Shiloh:)