Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama or McCain

Freeman and I have never been into politics until this year. We were doing our research and trying to figure out who we should vote for. We were leaning towards McCain, but liked some of the things Obama brought up, but we were still trying to do our research. We were undecided until the last Presidential debate. I had no clue how Obama felt on Abortion and that he is ProChoice. It made me sick to my stomach and confirmed who I need to vote for. I just have to share my two cents on ProChoice and then I'm done.

First of all... Regarding Pro Choice...
When a woman makes the choice to have sex she is choosing all risks and consequences
1. Possiblity on getting pregnant
2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
3. Being Used

So, she already made her choice, so if she recieves any of the consequences that was the CHOICE she made.
A woman once told me that if it wasn't for abortion, she would have had 13 children! She only had 2 children living, so that is 11 babies that she chose to kill. I was outraged!
I'm sorry, but women already make their choice, so if they get pregnant, they can bless others who can't have children by CHOOSING adoption!

P.S. Freeman was all for McCain as soon as he mentioned the Cardinals... Go CARDINALS!


brianne said...

I am so glad you chosen McCain. Billy and I have been really studying the candidates. Trust me I could share a lot more things that you probably don't know about Obama that you should. He doesn't salute our flag, say the pledge, put his hand to his heart and he doesn't even use the american flag on any of his material for his campaign, including his personal plane he uses to travel with. If you want to know more call me :). Also I don't agree with every single thing McCain stands with but I definitely believe he is the better choice for our country. Miss you guys!

Gates & Tausha said...

the cardinals is ALL i'm basing my vote on too. :)

jk....i'm with you tiffany...mccain all the way.

Grandma said...

If only Romey would have gotten in there, than I would know who to vote for. I'm going to do a write in.........Freeman M. Carney the forth.

Love Mom