Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day in Scottsdale

We went over to Scottsdale to visit my Grandma and also to pick up our new car! My Grandma has been so wonderful to us and has blessed our little family with so much. She had a Honda Pilot that she wanted to get rid of, and a sister in need of a new car so we did a car swap and we are loving it. Our new Honda can seat up to 8 people, so when we have family come into town we can fit into one car! I also would always joke around with Freeman that we can't have another baby until we get a bigger car... boy did I jinx us! Just kidding!
I've already noticed a difference with mileage, and how easy it is to park, and also to get the kids out! I don't have to go on my tip toes to unbuckle the carseat! So nice for us short people!
Anyways, after we visited with my Grandma, we went over to the Railroad Park. Freeman is always amazed by the train and Nate liked it too. Here are some pictures from our trip out to Scottsdale.
Tiff and Nate riding the train.

Little Freeman is so excited to be on the train!

Nate's first time in a swing. He just loved looking around and swinging towards mom.

Hanging out at Great Grandma's House. Here is Pixie sharing her toys.

Dad and Freeman on the train.


brianne said...

I can't believe how much little Freeman is growing up! He is so handsome along with his mini me brother :)

Camille Gould said...

How fun to get a new car!! That's awesome!