Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween Night...
We had a spooktacular night! We went over to a neighbor's home who puts on a haunted house in her home! She has family, and some kids from the neighborhood volunteer to stand in her house to scare people. Of course, when there are little ones, they just stay still to not scare them (somehow I still got scared...) We then went trick or treating in our neighborhood, where Little Freeman thought it was so fun to go up to a door, knock and say, "Trick or Treat!" We chatted with our neighbors and then called it a night. Here are some pictures of our Halloween!
Bumble Bee Nathan
He loves to clap his hands

Attack of the Bumble Bee!

Tiff and Free

Howdy Ya'll
Little Freeman the cowboy

Tiff, Free & Tohbi


Kelly and Megan said...

What cute pictures! You guys make great cowboys (and cowgirl!) And what a cute little Bumble Bee!

The Cutest Allens Ever! said...

So cute! Tiff, you are looking good poseing for the pix. You are one hot Mama! I love the all the outfits.

Gates & Tausha said...

k tiffany isnt that the like 5th year in a row to be a cowgirl?! hahaha...guess you cant stop it now---it's TRADISH!!! aweosme to see you real quick yesterday---i hope we can make it up to UTAR with ya'll!!! :) love your hallow kiddieS!!!