Monday, November 10, 2008

Old Photo

So Freeman is at the Cardinals Game for Monday Night Football so here I am stuck at home a little bored. So I decided to Google my husband's name and I found a football picture from Phoenix College. Go Bears!

I also wanted to give an update on my husband. A few months ago he dislocated and broke his elbow in five different places so he had to go into surgery where they replaced the radial head. This is a very unfortunate injury, because it has taken away a majority of Freeman's favorite activities that he will no longer be able to do. (Lifting weights, water skiing.. anything that puts pressure on the joint.) Well, Freeman has been doing a great job going to therapy and working on his elbow at home and he has already exceeded the doctor's expectations of his progress. And just last week he was able to do 2 push ups! (That is a really big deal.. the doctor told him he didn't think he would be able to do that) I am proud of my husband and his determination to get his elbow to be at it's best. It hurts me that he had to go through so much pain, and then go through "the talk from the doc" when he told him he couldn't do his favorite activities anymore and possibly a career change. Even through all of this, I still think he has a good attitude and I'm proud of him.
So, for the record, Free I love you and your bum elbow! I still think your perfect-Lovies!
Freeman Carney
Phoenix College
photo from


brianne said...

I am happy to hear he is improving but I am so sad to here he will miss out on a lot of things he loves to do. I couldn't imagine how Billy would react! Way to go Freeman, keep it up!!

Gates & Tausha said...

sweet!!! gotta go check the wonders of google! :) glad he's improving...hope he doenst have to change careers---that's poop!

grandma Jo said...

Bud I think you look better now. Still good looking. Tiff, your a wonderful wife, Freeman is so lucky to have a companion as loving as you are. I love you guys so much.