Thursday, April 9, 2009

Caught on Camera...

These pictures are dear to my heart because the last few months have been pretty interesting with Little Freeman getting along with his little Brother. So, lately they have these special moments where they are playing nicely and not taking toys away from each other, or pushing eachother around. Here are some great moments caught on camera.

Freeman was sitting in the chair reading a book and Nate climbed up and sat next to him. Freeman decided to become "teacher" and read Nate his book.

I love this picture of all my boys. Nate used to wander around during the bedtime story, but lately he loves to sit in our laps and have us read to him. Both of the boys love it when they have their time with dad.

Okay, this was the sweetest thing ever. I was making pancakes and Nate gets really impatient waiting for his food to be served to him, so I gave him some raisin bread to munch on to hold him over for awhile. He was still being whiny, and Little Freeman all of the sudden goes to the fridge and gets out pudding and a spoon. He opens it up and starts feeding it to Nate! He fed him the whole thing! I was so impressed with Little Freeman being aware of his brother's needs and just helping out. This is now Freeman's favorite thing to do.

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Mom said...

I love love love, these Pictures, thanks for sharing

Love you guys