Thursday, April 9, 2009

Renaissance Festival

For years I have been wanting to go back to the Renaissance Festival and last month Freeman surprised me with tickets that he had recieved from work! We had a fun time there and saw some funny shows and some funny people. I think our favorite character was the, "The Booger Fairy." He (or she... according to Nick ;) ) was painted green and had green goo in a cup that when you pressed down on it it made a lovely sound. It was funny because he/she would ask the kids in this weird voice, "Do you want to fart?" It was hilarious.
Uncle Nick was popping some wheelies with the stroller that the kids thought was so much fun. Here they are posing for the camera.

Freeman took Little Free on an elephant ride and they both loved it. Little Free couldn't stop smiling.

Here is Freeman and I!

Nathan and Freeman

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Mom said...

nice haircuts. Tiff you look very good for being pregnant. I'm glad you all had a nice time, good to see Nick out with the family.

Lovies Mom