Thursday, April 9, 2009


This post is all about Nate! He is our little goofball. He is always making us laugh and I love his personality. He is almost 17 months and I can't believe how fast it's gone. In a few months he won't be my baby anymore! Nate has been up to a lot the past few months. He has always been really quiet, but now he is just our little babbler. He has been interested in communication and all of the sudden is more into trying to talk and to sign. I love asking him what food he wants and he'll let you know by nodding or shaking his head. His first and favorite word was "Dadda" but now he is saying "Momma" a whole bunch more which I just love to hear.
Another thing that's new with Nate is that he loves to cuddle and read books! Ever since he was born he didn't not like to cuddle. He would never fall asleep on me, he would throw his body back if I tried to sit him in my lap, he just always was content to be near his brother or doing his own thing. Even when we would go to the Library, Nate was always the one walking around and actually trying to get the other mom's to read to him. Well, probably a few weeks ago, we went to the Library and he sat in my lap and stayed there! Ever since then he has to sit or cuddle with us for him to read a book. I just love it! Anyways, here are some great pictures, showing off our Nate!
This is Nate's before picture of his first haircut!
He was so excited and I couldn't believe that he sat so still.

Here is Nate's after picture of his hair cut. He was upset because I was, "All Done"

Okay, this was right after his haircut and all of the sudden he just turned into the hyper, daredevil kid. He loves this bike.

Okay, who does this remind you of???? I swear Daddy Freeman is doing this same move at work right now on his Bike.

Nate has discovered sitting!
He loves to climb in chairs and just sit. Here he is listening to our blog music.


Mom said...

Nate is growing-up so fast, and he's soooo cute! I miss you all so much. And lil Free is getting so tall, and I'm glad him and Nate are getting along, it so important.

Lovies Mom

hayeswright said...

Dearest Tiffany, I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I am wishing you a "Happy Birthday" a bit belatedly. I enjoy keeping up with your life through your blog. I love you,

Auntie Karen