Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

August 5th, 2003
Boise, Idaho Temple

On August 5th we celebrated our 6th Anniversary together! We had a great time celebrating in La Jolla, and enjoyed a date night watching Transformers 2. It's fun to look back on the years and how much we have grown. It's funny how the day you get married you are so in love and don't know how you can love anyone even more. Well, it seems that each day you just fall more in love and grow even closer to that person. I'm grateful that my husband is my best friend and I can be totally honest and be myself with him. I think the world gives us so many negative ideas about marriage, and I honestly didn't think marriage could be this much fun and joyful( prior to getting married.) I am truly grateful for the gospel and that my husband and I share the same goals in life spiritually and eternally. I'm am grateful for our children and through them it brings us closer together and makes us work harder as husband and wife. I'm grateful for temples and knowing that our marriage can be for eternity if we keep working hard.

I love you Free and thankful that you truly are so good to me, that you make me laugh, that you still flirt with me, that I still catch myself checking you out and that I still get flutters in my stomach. I love that you are such a great dad and you put your family first. I love how you tell our kids you love me so much and that they know you do. You are such a great example and I am so proud of you being my husband. You are the best and I am so happy that you asked me to marry you and spend forever with you.
Lovies. Biff

When we were first announced as Mr. & Mrs. Freeman Carney


gergandnique said...

Nice Pictures! Congrats on your anniversary and your new little one that is almost here!

brianne said...

congrats on 6 years!!!

Z said...

That is funny because Aug 5th was my anniversary with Freeman too.... 3 years since we became bike partners ; )