Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Recreation

This Summer Freeman was busy learning gymnastics and soccer. Here are some pictures of his last day of classes.

Walking the Balance Beam

Nathan copying the kids in class. He can't wait to be in his own class!

Straddle Stretch

Body Positions
The kids had to go from a "tuck" position, and open up to a "Star," and then with their legs together and arms straight up in the air. Here is Freeman in the Star position.

Freeman recieving his ribbon!
Practicing his kicks

Stopping the Ball
Freezing the Ball

Freeman recieved a soccer medal! He is sneaking in his thumbs up...

Freeman was so excited about his medal that he had Dad Freeman pin it up on his wall, along with his ribbon from gymnastics.

Game of Soccer
Freeman would run around with the other kids, but with his personality he doesn't like to take away the ball from the other kids. He was one of the youngest in the class, so next year we hope to see him steal the ball away more. He is a great listener and loves to do the soccer drills. We surprised him with his own soccer ball and cones that him and Nate use all the time.

Team Picture


Grandma Jo said...

Freeman,sure looks alot like his Dad in these pic's. he looks like a BIG boy. Thanks for sharing, Tiff. See ya soon..........MOM

Kelly and Megan said...

So cute! Katelyn was asking for Nate so I had to come to your blog to show her his picture! She sure likes Nate!