Saturday, August 8, 2009

La Jolla July & August 2009

La Jolla Beach

Jolene and Nate

Nate loved walking back & forth in the water.
He has been more brave getting into the water compared to when we first went out in May.

We were all playing in the water when we looked over and saw our "Boogie Board" walking toward us. Nate went to go get it and he looked so cute carrying it. We had strangers walking by, telling me to get my camera and take a picture of him. I agreed.. :)

Here is Nathan walking back from the ocean.

Wow! What a great wave! The kids loved the waves coming in and also jumping when it hit them.

The boys posing for the camera

Here is our view from the house!
At night you can hear the seals barking and the waves crashing.

Happy 58th Birthday John!
We surprised him with this beautiful cake!
Ha Ha. If you look closely you can see the frosting collapsing... But it still tasted great!

Enjoying an evening walk to the pier

Mission Bay Park

Freeman and the kids enjoying some calm waters at Mission Bay Park. This is the best place to bring kids (and prego ladies) since there isn't any waves.

The boys warming up before going back into the water

Great Grandma Baba got the kids this big pink bear... They named it Pinky
The boys loved playing with Baba's dog Pixie and was so much fun to watch them laugh and squeal

This is one of the reasons why I just love my husband! His sense of humor!
We were driving back to Phoenix and stopped to get some McDonalds. We were driving down the road and I looked over and he has this napkin tucked in his shirt with this serious expression on his face. I started laughing and he just acted like it was no big deal and didn't see what was so funny. He sure cracks me up.

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