Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preschool Fieldtrip to Tolmachoff Farm

For Freeman's Preschool we went on a field trip to Tolmachoff Farm. We were able pick some produce to bring home, a pumpkin and enjoyed a corn maze, petting animals and playing on the farm! It was a great learning experience for the kids and I think Freeman enjoyed seeing all the vegetables and fruits in their fields. (He's been my helper in the garden so to actually see something that really grows fascinated him.)

Here is our Preschool Group before entering the farm

Nate kept coming back to look at the baby pigs

How dare he! This guy came by to give the kids stamps on their hands for the train ride and Nate didn't seem to pleased

Out of all pumpkins... I try not to interfere with my kids choices but I had to tell Nate to find a "Happier Pumpkin."

Nate loved picking fresh produce

Nate, Free and Tiff

Petting the Chicks

Nate was so excited to go into the farm

Petting the goats

Corn Maze

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