Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009
Family Picture of us all dressed up.
For those of us who has known us over the years...
Yes, this is our 6th year in a row as Cowboys

Here is a pretty convincing Spiderman... but it is really Freeman Jr.

Nate had is face painted at our ward's Trunk or Treat
This is a wierd expression, I think he was just tired.

Nate, Pierce, Laif & Freeman
These are one of our boys best friends.

Guessing which cup the candy is under.

FHE Activity

For one of our family home evenings we all painted pumpkins.
(these were the pumpkins picked from our preschool fieldtrip)

Left: Nate's
Right: Freeman Jr. (Isn't that creepy coming from a 3 year old?)

Preston hanging out.
He didn't feel like dressing up, just watching some Halloween specials on TV...

Here are the boys going trick or treating in our neighborhood.
They were so cute saying "trick or treat" & Nate just growling at everyone.

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Kelly and Megan said...

You make perfect cowboys! We wouldn't know what to do if you dressed up as something else!