Friday, January 29, 2010

Grandma Donna's visit

My mom flew out from St. Louis to see Preston for the first time
and to also celebrate Nate's 2nd birthday.
Here are some pictures from her visit.

Nate blowing out his 2 candles at Island's.
Grandma D and Freeman at the restaurant
Nate loves to look at books when he goes to bed and if you look closely he actually fell asleep reading... the book is on his face!

Freeman Jr. doesn't like it when dad leaves for work so this is one of his barricades that he put up. He was sitting in it and actually surprised Freeman when he was getting ready to leave. We think it's pretty funny, but Freeman Jr. is serious about it and get's upset when Dad gets by his wall/barricade.

Preston just hanging out.

Grandma and boys enjoyed the ride they just took at the Railroad Park

Phoenix Zoo

Grandma and the boys at the petting zoo.
I loved watching Nate being so careful and having to brush every goat in sight.

Zebras! It was feeding time and we had a nice view of them.

Ahhh... A sweet brotherly moment

Preston at 2 months
He started smiling this week and I was trying to catch it on film

Grandma Donna pushing Nate on the swings.

The kids loved playing with her at the playground. I truly wish I had a picture of my mom tumbling backwards off the teter totter and covered with wood chips. We had a good laugh about that moment. :)

Here we are hiking on a trail near Verrado. Yes, Freeman is carrying a sword. He brought it to protect us from Mountain Lions and bears. My mom pointed out some animal tracks, and after that, any indention in the ground had to be analyzed and assigned an animal. We didn't get very far on our hike.

Freeman Jr. wanted to not only pee off this rock, but wanted to pose and have me take goofy pictures.

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