Friday, January 29, 2010

Railroad Park Lights

This year we were able to make it to the Railroad Park's Christmas light display. It's been years since I've gone and was impressed with all the lights they had. Going to the park always brings back so many special memories of my Papa and all the times we spent at the park growing up. I'm so grateful that I can continue these wonderful memories with our own kids and they can have that special connection with Papa when riding his trains.
Waiting to ride the carosel

All aboard! The kids loooooved Christmas lights this year and they were so amazed to see the light displays from the train. The tunnel was my favorite, because coming out they had snow falling on you!

They had every character you can think of at the park. Big Freeman was calling down Elmo and Cookie monster to come take pictures with are boys since Nate loves Elmo. Well, Nate didn't love this Elmo and was scared out of his mind. And like I said before, there were these characters all over the park so he would hide right behind my legs even while walking around.

Another character we saw (pretty sure we saw) was Larry Fitzgerald from the Cardinals. We weren't sure if it was him so of course we had to walk by to get a closer look. Well, Freeman walks by all casually, and then there is me who when I walk by and he looks at me I have this huge crazy smile on my face and give him the "what's up nod." (I was excited because he's my favorite player)

So it was an enjoyable night for all of us and can't wait to go again next year!

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