Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 years ago..

So it's been 10 years ago since Freeman and I first met.
Here is our story...

It was my first week of college at Scottsdale Community College, and I was hanging out with my sister and her friends in the cafeteria. I looked behind me and saw the cutest guy ever, playing pool with some guys. He had dark hair, amazing eyes, great smile, and had freckles. I told my sister that I thought he was so cute and she was all, "Oh, that's Idaho. I can introduce you guys tomorrow." So this wasn't like me at all to chase after a guy, but I felt like I had to meet him.

So the next day, I waited 2 hours in the cafeteria for my sister (turned out she had a lab she forgot about) I was sitting at one of the tables and this guy, Jason, comes up and starts flirting with me and trying to pick me up. I saw the cute guy walk into the room, and told Jason, "that I wasn't interested in him and that I was actually waiting around to meet that guy over there." He turned around and laughed and said, "You don't want to date that guy, he's Mormon!" And I said, "Well, those are the best guys to date!" So anyway, Freeman walks up and says, "Jason, why don't you ever introduce me to the pretty girls?" He smiled and walked away. My sister finally shows up with her friends after that.

A few minutes later, Freeman walks up and announces that he was tired of losing to everyone in pool and he needed to beat someone. My sister told him that I stunk at pool (not true, we had a pool table at home) and volunteered me. Well we had a great time playing and I did beat him in pool. We exchanged numbers and he told me he'd called me. Well, I left for work and when I got home he called and asked me out on a date for that night. So we went to Fiddlesticks at Scottsdale Pavillions and played minature golf (I hit some live rodent living in one of the holes, and still beat him) We went over and saw the dumbest movie ever (Eye of the Beholder). And yes we had our first kiss. Oh, let me rearrange the last part. Before the previews even started Freeman made his move and kissed me!

So that is the story of our first day and I can't believe I truly married my dream guy. I think he is the funniest guy ever, and can always find humor in any situation. He is my best friend and will always be.

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Kelly and Megan said...

So sweet! You make a perfect pair. We are glad you guys met too. We would have missed out on a lot of laughs and good times if you hadn't!