Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nate's 2nd Birthday

Welcome to Nathan's Street!
Our Nate loves Elmo so we threw him a Sesame Street Birthday!
We had the letter of the day: N
Number of the Day: 2
And sang songs, colored, and played games. We all had so much fun and Nate loved all his new presents... and became very protective over them too. (I think the word "Mine" entered his vocabulary that same day...)
Kate & Nate + 8
Yes, Best Friends Forever, these two are so cute together
What Up, I'm 2!
Cousin Miley, Nate, and Katelyn

The whole birthday crew

Megan holding our little Preston

Cousin Robby

Nate checking out a new Batman Backpack

Duck Hunt
Ernie and Burt lost their ducks so the kids are helping them find them.